Bosco Cafè

Gum Shopping centre

3 Red Square
Moscow Russia

Commercial 1999

Client: Bosco di Ciliegi

This elegant cafe can be found on the ground floor of the GUM shopping centre on Red Square, and makes a great place to relax after a hard day’s shopping or sight seeing. Orderly rows of square tables, high-ceilings and whiter-than-white tablecloths, lend the Bosco a distinct old-world air, and you could almost imagine the Russian gentry of yesteryear ordering their tea from samovars here, whilst slagging off the dastardly Napolean.


You might fancy taking a pop at Bush instead, but whatever the topic of conversation, with Bosco’s outdoor seating and huge arched windows, you are guaranteed a great view over the Square.

d copia

Marbles, elegant curtains, sparkling crystal chandeliers ceiling and the wall applique, showcases to display jewelry, all combine to make this place full of charm. The references to the recent past, come to mind looking at the structures and decorations in plaster columns and times of this ancient building of the Zar, not to mention the beautiful view overlooking the Kremlin and the Red Square