Bosco Bar

Gum Shopping centre

Client: Bosco di Ciliegi
Moscow Russia - 3 Red Square

1 floors 240 sqm

…“The first idea for the realization of Bosco Bar has arrived by location: Gum shopping center on Red Square, or the fact that you would be facing such an important place and charming, just opposite the Kremlin “…


We wanted to realize a trendy local, a meeting point that interacts with the outside world; hence the need to not create barriers, first of all respecting the pre-existing structure; Secondly, the choice of using the glass, the material which by definition separates without closing, thanks precisely to the transparency. To create two different situations, making them live together. The internal structure characterized by large arches that overlook the square, is composed of a central part, which welcomes guests with a large circular bar and a chandelier and it is important point of union of two lateral sectors, galleries dedicated to the bar / restaurant.


From one of the two tunnels, we enter to the more intimate and private lounge area, features a full glass wall that separates it from the adjoining shop, allowing guests to interact with a completely different situation. There was thus obtained a final result in which coexist different settings: urniture and floors in bright colors for the bar area more lively and fashionable, light and minimal chic atmosphere in the lounge area dedicated to conversation and relaxation. In compliance with the stylish, cozy, eclectic and cosmopolitan.