Monemvasia Resort

Monemvasia - Grecia

Client: Mr Anastasios Manikis

5 floors
8800 sqm

Monemvasia, one of the most fascinating places in the Peloponnese, an ancient village perched on a cliff that rises 300 m. the sea, for they naturally configuration, came to be called “The Gibraltar of Greece”. In this enchanted place born the “Manikis Monemvasia Resort”, a hotel comprising of 31 standard rooms and 4 suites, all with the comfort of quality such as a wellness center, a ballroom / banquet hall, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a lounge bar ground floor and one on the rooftop terrace.



Its modern architecture, among which a row of pillars and beams, a kind of fifth set that protrudes from the main façade as to protect and lighten it, the resort became the beating heart of the social life of the city. Net and decided volumes, plans that overlap and create functional gradients due to inclination of the soil, prevalence of natural materials, mortar and stones, and tendency of brighten and relaxed tones.



A few hints of color, except on the few licenses decorative on the decorated mosaic with the colors blue / blue circular design which both recalls a floral pattern and the dynamic wave marina to remember the proximity to the sea. The resort itself as the beating heart of the social life of the city, its places and spaces created for the youth gathering; through the lounge bar on the ground floor, which has a natural outlet in outer space created by the architectural facade and roof terrace that overlooks the second meeting point.



The room follows the design patterns of the architectural structure, clean lines and basic combinations of nuance white / blue to black with some hints to frame or emphasize. The only hints of decorum are left to fabrics and draperies, but not excessive or extreme invasions.