Villa A

Dakar - Senegal

Client: Mr. Amar

2 floors
660 sqm

The difficulty to take over a project during construction, was overcome with a perfect balance between pre-existing and the new intervention.



An intervention project where we have tried to provide continuity between the interior and the exterior, where the relaxed tones and nuances clear fabrics, were also transferred to the pool area and garden.

The large sliding glass doors of the main hall, amplify this concept of visual continuity and physics, where everything is architecturally “protected” by the great wooden sailing that juts outward.

The villas of the new upper-class Dakar require first of all a mirror of their social position, the chance to show and prove, but above all an oasis of calm and green where you can isolate from the jagged and chaotic urban composition of the city.



The possibility of being able to create a world of their “international” standard of living and comforts they enjoy regularly during their travels, has now become a requirement of life.



The new standards of quality and image are no longer opulence and magnificence, elegance and harmony, not show the quantity, but the quality as well as the proportions and the relationship between the spaces, which take precedence over tinsel and overlaps.