Antigua residential compound

Dakar - Senegal

Client: Real estate investment

The important intervention for urban regeneration in the center of Dakar, an entire area of about 10,300 square meters. intended for residential offices with the inclusion of all those services necessary to create a microworld isolated from what is mes and bustle of a city like Dakar. The idea of creating underground parking (new concept for this city) in order to create a landscape of value, where the green areas are joined to spaces of social agglomeration, has been a brillant idea of the investor and the first step to create this ideal microworld, different from all the residential projects present.



The name “Antigua” is the input to be able to bring in this little world circumscribed, some features of the Caribbean island as the palm trees, the water, the light tones of the finish, the brise-soleil to protect from the sun and the choice of some natural essences, so you can create some olfactory sensations. The inclusion of the Club House, multifunctional area for the presence of free spaces for aggregations, a lounge bar, offices and a small wellness center, is the conclusion to what was the goal of creating a small community.