Sir – Pent

Adrenalina Design

Industrial Design
Client: Adrenalina Design

Sinuous and stealthy, Sir-Pent stretches and shrinks, winds and branches out: nothing is an obstacle for Sir-Pent, a large modular seating system that starts from a basic set of five modules plus an all-rounder element that facilitates the flow of any combination, be it linear or articulated into soft islands. Sir-Pent can also turn into a fun stimulating game, and its flexibility suits any space without invading it. Sir-Pent stirs surprise and amazement with the accessories it hides within its curves: discreet mobile-charging outlets or wireless chargers and a remotely controlled eco-technological plant that purifies the air according to the needs of the environment.


Adrenalina SIR-PENT_6409
Adrenalina SIR-PENT
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Adrenalina SIR-PENT-PART_6358
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